Three-year plan to lift Aberdeen-Angus sales

9 November 2001

Three-year plan to lift Aberdeen-Angus sales

THE Aberdeen-Angus cattle society is putting £150,000 into a new three-year scheme which aims to link the production, processing and retail trade to increase sales of branded Aberdeen-Angus beef.

Match funding from processors and retailers should more than double the money available, says society chief executive, Ron McHattie.

Commercial A-A cattle are available across the UK, but too often they end up in the beef supply chain unidentified, says Mr McHattie. The objective of the new marketing scheme, which will operate under the banner of the Aberdeen-Angus Beef Club, is to secure more producers and more retail outlets.

The breed societys database, with information on who is breeding what, and where cattle are located, will be made available to processing and retail partners. Information will also be fed back to producers on consumer preference and retailers requirements. &#42

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