Tillage versatility

10 August 2001

Tillage versatility

THIS years Tillage events will see Simba Horsch introduce a trailed consolidating press designed for use with the companys FG stubble cultivators.

In 6.5m and 8.2 builds, the Optipack press will enable growers to achieve an effective minimal tillage system, says Simbas sales director Guy Leversha.

For consolidating different soil types, the press can be fitted with AS profile tyres which have a deeper tread, while Heavy-Duty boots with a smoother profile are available for use on stony soils.

The Optipack is designed to apply 450kg/m of pressure using solid rather than box section beams for the chassis.

Filling the tyres with Stirofoam increases weight to about 520kg/m.

Further spec includes a scraper to ensure clean running of the tyres and a long draw bar to provide an even balance for the following FG cultivator.

Two models are available: The Optipack 650, which is compatible with FG 5.70 and 6.30 culitivators, costs from £11,142, while the 820, for FG 7.50 and 8.20 cultivators, is priced from £13,578. &#42

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