Tined harrow has own seeder unit

3 July 1998

Tined harrow has own seeder unit

PASTURE revitalisation or just plain reseeding? Opico now has a tined harrow equipped with an pneumatic seeder unit.

The Germany-sourced implement, which is available in working widths of up to 6m (20ft), comprises banks of tines held in 1.5m (5ft) sections. The angle of the tines – and the degree of aggression they cause – can be adjusted.

Seed is held in a 180-litre hopper and individually metered to each of the eight delivery pipes using a peg wheel system driven by a land wheel. Required seed rate is achieved by altering the position of a slide on the inlet side of the metering system.

With air supplied by two electrically driven fans, seed is conveyed to distribution plates sited at the front of the tine banks. Price of the harrow unit alone is £2860 with the seeder unit costing an extra £3545.

Air seeding for grass with Opicos latest introduction. Note the position of the distribution plates.

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