17 May 2002



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This weeks Tip of the Week is provided by Andrew Hockridge, based near Bideford in Devon.

Fed up with trying to unroll coiled drainage and mains pipe by hand, Mr Hockridge turned his tractor mounted Kidd round bale chopper into a mechanical pipe unwinder.

He made a frame constructed from box section steel, welded together to form a cross, which sits on the side of choppers drum.

To accommodate different size rolls, Mr Hockridge bolted a 450mm (18in) upright to each spoke on the cross that can be adjusted laterally.

The end of the pipe is roped down to prevent the roll from spinning when being unwound.

In operation, the hydraulically powered drum is put into gear and tractor driven forward, allowing pipe to be unrolled.

"The powered unwinder takes away all the difficulty and frustration compared with unrolling pipe by hand," says Mr Hockridge. "It cost about a tenner to make and can be taken on and off the bale chopper in under a minute."

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