23 November 2001



Fed up of controlling flies and other pests in the bulk milk tank room?Try blocking out all natural light to keep flies away.

Plunging the room into darkness by blacking out windows and skylights deters flies, says producer John Downing. This approach was used when the bulk milk tank room and parlour were recently refurbished at his Wintersell Farm, which is located on the Kent-Surrey border near Edenbridge.

"Since cutting out all natural light, there has been no problem with flies or other pests, helping to maintain the strict hygiene requirements set by our milk buyer." Two twin-tube fluorescent units provide lighting, he adds.

An additional benefit is the room remains cooler during summer, as it prevents the sun from heating up the air inside like in a greenhouse.

The bulk tank room also has a removable galvanised metal panel in one wall to allow easy removal of the bulk tank. Bulk milk tanks sometimes need to be repaired or upgraded and this panel eliminates the unnecessary cost of removing and rebuilding a wall, explains Mr Downing.

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