Too many questions remain unanswered

14 September 2001

Too many questions remain unanswered

CALLS for a co-ordinated approach with science-based studies to tackle the causes of PDNS and PMWS were made by one expert at the seminar.

There are many fundamental questions which remain unanswered, said the Vet Lab Agencys Andrew Gresham. "One is the possible role of feed leading to animals having a predisposition to the disease."

Some feed changes and use of mycotoxin binders have coincided with a reduction or change in the clinical disease. However, feeding trials have not been scientific or undertaken for long enough to draw any conclusions.

There have also been associations with fungicides, but this too remains unproven. The US also has PDNS and PMWS in pigs, but different diets are fed to those in the UK and fewer fungicides used, said Mr Gresham. &#42

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