14 September 2001


All European Dairy Farming Event visitors are invited to attend the Spotlight on

Profit forums which will include a line up of four top industry professionals


Barry Wilson has been involved in UK agricultural journalism since moving from Australia in 1970.

He has written for various publications, including the Financial Times, Big Farm Weekly and British Farmer and Stockbreeder. He has also been a TV reporter and presenter for farming programmes on all the major channels.

Mr Wilson is best known for the Dairy Industry Newsletter, which was launched in 1989 and now has more than 1000 subscribers worldwide.

His message to producers is: "Until the recent milk price increases, prices were detached from market value. But producers may now have to fight to retain these substantial gains."


Ian Potter was brought up on an East Yorks farm and obtained a diploma in rural estate management at the Royal Agricultural College, Glos.

After practising as both a chartered surveyor and a livestock auctioneer, he set up his own quota-brokering business. Mr Potter is now regarded as one of the industrys experts on buying, selling and leasing milk quota.

His message to producers is: "Politicians will have you believe you should abandon quotas to grab a much larger share of the world market. That is a ticket to double your effort for the same or less reward."


In addition to his presidency of the NFU, Ben Gill farms in North Yorks. His unit includes arable land and a 240-ewe sheep flock. He has been involved with the NFU for many years and was elected president in 1998.

Prior to taking over the family farm, Dr Gill spent several years in Uganda teaching farming at a large secondary school, after obtaining a degree in agriculture. Once back in the UK, he managed a 200-sow commercial pig unit in Humberside before returning to his family farm 20 years ago.

His message to dairy producers is: "Co-operation is more than working with other producers, it is about working with your customers to supply what the market wants."


Richard Sibley runs a veterinary practice employing seven other vets in mid-Devon and is the current president of the British Cattle Veterinary Association.

He has a non-farming background, but has worked as a large animal vet for 20 years. He is also a director of the National Dairy Farmer Assured Scheme and recently became a member of Professor Kings foot-and-mouth group advising the Government.

His message to producers is: "Current foot-and-mouth controls will work if we all stick to the rules and remain vigilant. Our enthusiasm and efforts to eradicate this virus from our precious animals must not weaken, when we are so near to completing the task."

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