Tories call for red tape debate

16 November 2000

Tories call for red tape debate

By FWi staff

THE CONSERVATIVES have called for a Commons debate on the red tape which it says is strangling UK farming, reports The Daily Telegraph.

This move followed a report, ordered by the Government, by the independent Better |Regulation Task Force.

This called for Whitehall to stop adding to European directives, and a less prescriptive approach to the transposition of directives into British law.

Government departments and British farming representatives were urged to take a far more active role at an early stage of drafting directives in Brussels.

The report also suggested an ombudsman for environmental issues, plans to put all farmers on the internet by 2005 and compensation for tougher animal welfare rules.

Tory farming spokesman Tim Yeo said the Government could expect no opposition from his party if it moved quickly to reduce red tape

Farm minister Nick Brown said the findings will be discussed at a forum on 23 November and a response published in the new year.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail profiles farmer John Down from Park Farm, near Taunton, Somerset, and his battle with red tape.

The producer says that his fields should get priority, not form-filling.

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