Tories seek debate on red meat advice

06 March 1998

Tories seek debate on red meat advice

By Martin Hickman, Press Association

TORY MPs yesterday demanded an early debate in the House of Commons on the
Governments conflicting advice to red meat eaters.

Shadow Leader of the House, Gillian Shephard, said Health Secretary Frank Dobson should explain “how much red meat the Government proposes to allow us to eat”.

Her remarks follow the Governments latest advice that there is no need for meat eaters to consume less than 90 grams a day – in contrast to earlier advice.

Leader of the House, Ann Taylor said she would pass the remarks on.

At business questions, Mrs Shephard said: “On September 28, Mr Dobson told the appalled red meat eaters of Britain that if they were eating an average amount that was too much and needed to eat less.

“Today the Chief Medical Office is telling the same meat eaters `forget it, the average is OK.

“I suppose it is what the Government means by a `steak-holder economy,” she quipped.

“But on behalf of the meat-eaters of Britain I ask for early clarification.”

Mrs Taylor said: “I will bring your remarks to the attention of Mr Dobson.

“I do know that this House itself has taken some steps to encourage the eating of British beef recently and I am sure she will join me in congratulating the Commons refreshment department and those MPs who have signed the book supporting the best of British beef.”

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