Towaway feeders for cattle and calves

4 September 1998

Towaway feeders for cattle and calves

A CALF feeder that doubles as a bulk feeder for adult cattle wont stand idle and can be easily hitched up and towed away, says Scottish manufacturer Portequip.

The 4.8m (16ft) double-sided Portequip mobile calf and bulk feeder has individual feed spaces for 24 calves to reduce bullying. Calf access is controlled by vertical bars on external creep gates which can be removed, allowing the 2.5t and 3t capacity units to be used for adult cattle, says the company.

Hinged lids have deflector plates to ease loading and cut wastage during filling. Adjustable feed flow control plates allow draff, potatoes, silage mix, nuts and cereals to be fed from the unit. It costs £1880 (01671-402775, fax 01671-403791).

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