Traction bolt protection allows for quick repairs

8 August 1997

Traction bolt protection allows for quick repairs

ALL ploughs available from Khun Farm Machinery are now offered with a choice of either traction bolt or non-stop hydraulic protection.

The traction bolt system relies on the ability of a bolt to shear from forces exerted along its length, rather than the more conventional cross-bolt shear.

Advantages of the system, says Kuhn, is that risks of distortion or jamming after a fracture are reduced, making replacement quicker and easier. The system also avoids wear or distortion of locating holes.

Non-stop hydraulic (NSH) protection comprises a hydraulic ram attached to each leg with pressure controlled from a central accumulator. Load settings from 600-1300kg can be set and re-engagement of tripped bodies occurs as soon as the obstruction is passed.

In terms of customer choice, Kuhn reports that about 60% of its customers opt for the NSH system.n

Non-stop hydraulic or traction bolt protection for the Kuhn plough range is now available. Inset: Note the lack of distortion of the traction bolt shear.

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