Tractor power up

23 January 1998

Tractor power up

AVERAGE power of farm tractors purchased in 1997 was 112.2hp, reports the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) – an increase of 2.1% on 1996.

AEA economist Chris Evans explains that although all horsepower sectors showed a decrease in terms of units sold compared to 96, the lowest decrease occurred in the 121hp+ sector, which has helped to maintain the high horsepower average.

The AEA has also released regional figures for tractor sales during 1997. With the total number sold down by some 18%, it is no surprise to learn that all regions show a fall.

The smallest declines tended to be in areas most associated with livestock farming – Northern Ireland, down by 1.6%, Scotland by 10.4%. Wales by 13.6% and the south-west by 14.8%.

It was a different story for the arable areas, however, with Yorkshire and Lancashire down by 26.5%, the east by 26% and the east midlands by 24.5%.

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