Tractor road crashes up 5%

28 February 2000

Tractor road crashes up 5%

By FWi staff

FARM insurer NFU Mutual is warning farmers to take greater care on the roads following a rise in the number of serious accidents involving tractors.

There has been a significant rise in the number of incidents over the past twelve months.

The number of claims in 1999 rose by almost 5% on the previous year, with claims costs rising by 17.5%.

The total bill for three of the accidents seen last year was 4.5 million.

All three involved tractors turning right as motorcyclists were trying to overtake them

Pamela Oldfield, manager of NFU Mutual Risk Management Services said: “Motorcyclists are not the only victims of such accidents; car drivers and their passengers, and farmers are also being injured or killed.

“Many accidents could be avoided if a little care was taken by the drivers concerned.”

The company is urging farmers to take greater care on rural roads.

In particular it is asking farmers to:

  • Make sure the road is clear ahead and behind before turning right – in particular to look behind to check that no vehicle is trying to overtake;
  • Signal clearly in advance of slowing down or moving to the right;
  • Repair broken and defective lights;
  • Make sure cab glass, mirrors and lights are clean and free of obstructions;
  • Check that trailers and mounted implements are well-lit at night.

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