Tractor tax to be scrapped

8 November 2000

Tractor tax to be scrapped

By FWi staff

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown has announced that vehicle tax charges will be scrapped for tractors and other agricultural vehicles from next year.

The concession was included in his long awaited pre-Budget speech, and will be seen as a bid to appease farmers threatening further fuel protests.

The Chancellor told the Commons: “I recognise and understand the very genuine concerns that motorists and hauliers have.”

Mr Brown also pledged to freeze duties on fuel until at least April 2002. If world oil prices remain high, the freeze will be extended for a further year.

He announced a 2ppl cut in excise duties on ultra-low sulphur petrol from 2001, adding to a 1p cut in tax on the fuel introduced last month.

A 3p cut in excise duty on ultra-low sulphur diesel will be implemented on Budget day 2001, said Mr Brown.

As he began his pre-Budget report to the Commons, Mr Brown told MPs that he would do nothing to put Britains economic strength at risk.

Mr Brown pledged to address “specific and immediate concerns”, saying the economy gave the country an opportunity it could either “seize or squander”.

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