Trade blames farmers for fertiliser delay

By FW reporters

FARMERS are causing delivery problems by waiting until the last minute before ordering this seasons fertiliser, claim manufacturers.

Many livestock farmers are being advised to apply fertiliser as soon as grassland reaches T°-Sum 200. Cereal crops will also need applications soon.

“Farmers who have not yet ordered fertiliser or arranged delivery are likely to experience serious delays. Moving products is going to be a big problem,” says UKASTA Fertiliser Chairman, Tony Simpson.

Gary White of Dalgety agrees “Demands over the next couple of months will be horrendous. Farmers should really think about getting something on farm.”

Cargills Paul Antcliff warns that users of imported nitrogen already face a delay of up to three weeks. Imports are about 200,000 tonnes behind demand, he says.

The price of east European nitrogen has risen by £10/ tonne in the last month. Anticipation of a new tax to replace the minimum import price is expected to boost prices by a further £7-8/nbsp;tonne.

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