Travel orders revoked

Ian Pettyfer, who farms in an infected area, had a movement licence withdrawn the day before his lambs were due to travel.

This was because the abattoir was no longer inside an infected area after the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs redrew the boundary line.

The procedure has to start all over again – with added complications.

The abattoir has to allocate a slot for the lambs before DEFRA will decide whether to issue a licence to the producer.

Instead of inspecting stock being sent to slaughter, all livestock on the farms has to be checked by a vet – and the farmer has to foot the bill because DEFRA only covers the cost of inspections for movements within an infected area.

“If the abattoir can get enough lambs from Cornwall without all the extra administration and hassle then I would not blame them for being in no hurry to take mine,” says Mr Pettyfer.

“In the meantime, the price of lamb goes down every week.”

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