Tuck in to our hamper comp

30 November 2001

Tuck in to our hamper comp

THE Farmhouse Breakfast 2002 campaign, focusing on the quality and diversity of Britains regional breakfast products, takes place on Jan 21-27.

"The campaign is an excellent opportunity for British farmers to remind consumers of the very high quality of food they produce," says Rebecca Geraghty of organisers HGCA.

"Farmers not only produce the grain that is used in a wide variety of breakfast products including bread and porridge but also the grain that is then used in the production of other breakfast foods such as sausages, bacon and eggs – clearly demonstrating the link between plough and plate."

With Breakfast Week just round the corner, farmers weekly is offering its readers the chance to win a hamper full of delicious breakfast goodies in time for Christmas.

All you have to do it write and tell us, in no more than 250 words, about the best breakfast youve ever had.

Tell us why it was so special. It might have been what you ate or who you shared it with. It might, even, have been because of where you had it. But wed love to hear why it was so special to you.

The writer of the best letter gets this great hamper worth £99, kindly provided by Marchents Hampers of Broadway in Worcestershire. Among the many treasures will be dry-cured bacon, black pudding, smoked kippers and Old Cotswold Legbar free-range eggs.

The runner-up wins a gammon worth £40. Well also be carrying a selection of the best letters in the magazine.

The closing date for entries is Dec 14. Send them to My Best Breakfast, farmers weekly, The Quadrant, Quadrant House, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS. Or e-mail them to tim.relf@rbi.co.uk

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