Turncoat Melchett provokes scorn

8 January 2002

‘Turncoat’ Melchett provokes scorn

By Adrienne Francis

THE former head of Greenpeace UK has announced he will take a position in a public relations company whose clients include Monsanto, report the daily papers.

Lord Melchett lead the Greenpeace campaign against genetically modified (GM) crops, but could now become a consultant for the firm behind GM trials.

The Guardian runs a big story with a photo of Lord Melchett being led from a Norfolk field of GM maize after a raid in 1999.

He says he will be more “selective” in the new position, but would remain on the board of Greenpeace International, it says.

“My values have not changed at all.

“If I think a company should close down, I shall tell them,” he added.

An internal Greenpeace document leaked to the paper said Peter Melchett would be advising companies to “go organic, do the right thing”.

But the Daily Telegraph says his joining of the “Monsanto firm” has provoked the scorn of anti-GM campaigners who regard him as a “turncoat.”

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