Two models for quads

17 May 2002

Two models for quads

TWO new models join Massey Fergusons line-up of quad bikes – the MF 500 TBX and the MF 400 Auto.

The company prefers to call them Agricultural Terrain Vehicles (AgTVs). The 493cc liquid-cooled MF 500TBX is said to combine the "go-anywhere" characteristics of the existing MF 500 with the load carrying capabilities of a utility vehicle.

Instead of a conventional rear carrier, the TBX version is fitted with a moulded toughened plastic box, over the rear axle, which has a carrying capacity of 136kg. The front rack can carry 46kg.

The new mid-range 371cc, liquid-cooled MF 400 Auto, with its 477kg towing capacity is fitted with the same Duramatic automatic constantly variable transmission as used in the TBX.

A key feature of the Duramatic system, says MF is that the units Kevlar-coated belt is always engaged and tight, avoiding distortion and stretch experienced by systems which slacken belts to stop drive. Instead, the Duramatic system uses an automatic clutch.

The transmission also offers selectable two or four-wheel drive and two forward and one reverse speed ranges. Both new machines are wired so that they can be started in gear. &#42

Not just a quad bike, says Massey Ferguson – its an Agricultural Terrain Vehicle with the carrying capacity of a utility vehicle. This MF 500 TBX proves the point by operating this powered mower.

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