Two-seater version replaces Mule 500

21 February 1997

Two-seater version replaces Mule 500

KAWASAKI is to replace the Mule 500 utility vehicle with a two-seater version – the Mule 550.

Deemed by the company to have achieved significant success in the utility and other markets, the addition of an extra seat and a general upgrade brings the vehicle in to line with the larger 2500 and 2510 4×4 models.

Ackerman steering and front suspension equipment is now fitted and pedals and brake pipes have been redesigned – the latter, says Kawasaki, to increase working life.

Changes to the engine compartment include a more efficient air cleaner, a bolted flange seal for the exhaust silencer, rather than a clamp, and an improved carburettor jetting system. &#42

Twin seats for the Mule 550, which now replaces the 500 model.


Engine 286cc single cyl/4-stroke.

Transmission automatic torque converter type.

Maximum speed 32kph

Maximum cargo bed load 160kg (352lb).

Price £4050.

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