UK eggs safest in world Lacey

13 January 1999

UK eggs ‘safest’ in world — Lacey

By Graham Cruickshank

IN a surprise turnaround, one of the farming industrys fiercest critics has claimed that British eggs have the potential to be the safest in the world.

Professor Richard Lacey made the comments following the launch of the Lion Code of practice in November.

Prof Lacey, who recently wrote a book called Poison on a Plate, is renowned for his outspoken views on food safety.

But he appears to have changed his mind when it comes to egg production

“British eggs will be the safest in the world,” he told the national press.

The Lion Code will mean that eggs sold in shops can be traced to the farm where they were laid.

For larger packers, an inkjet printer puts an identifying code and a best-before date on each egg.

But it is anticipated some smaller producer-retailers may have difficulty in affording the equipment which is expensive.

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