UK farmers missing out on organic feed business

16 June 1999

‘UK farmers missing out on organic feed business’

By Mike Stones

BRITISH farmers are missing out on the potential to grow organic feed crops, warned Alastair Leake, organic project manager for CWS Farms.

“Organic feed wheat is trading at the price premium as organic milling wheat.

“There is a powerful message there for UK farmers,” Mr Leake told a seminar during Cereals 99 at Vyne Farm, near Royston, Hertfordshire.

More than 80% of farms now in conversion to organic production are livestock units, said Mr Leake.

That is creating large-scale demand for organic livestock feed from newly converted farms which may suck in imports particularly from Australia, Argentina, Canada and Denmark.

He also predicted particularly strong demand for organic peas and beans which face tough weed, pest and disease challenges under organic systems.

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