UK wheat disappoints Spanish customers

By FWi Staff

UK wheat exports have not met the quality Spanish millers thought they had specified, said British Cereals Exports last week.

“Steadily improving, but could still so better” was the Spanish millers verdict on whether shipments from the UK actually met their precise requirements.

“To avoid misunderstandings and contractual difficulties, it is essential to address the issue of wheat quality directly with end-users,” said David Cater of United Agriculture.

It is also important to have ongoing contact between export traders and the customers, said Richard Whitlock, of Banks Agriculture. “This develops trust, credibility and understanding.”

However, at five seminars held by BCE last week in Spain, millers announced that the UKs 1998 harvest compared favourably with wheat from other European countries.

High protein and low P/L results suggested that Britain was winning the protein war against the French this season, making UK wheat more attractive to blend with local wheat to produce grists, said BCE.

Spanish buyers have advised UK exporters intent on selling grain to Spain to be prepared to trade in Euros. Spains economy is booming and its currency will be fixed against the Euro from 1 January, 1999.

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