Ulcers linked to super-foul

20 February 1998

Ulcers linked to super-foul

OPEN ulcers on the udders of dairy cows have occurred in two dairy herds which have also suffered infections of super-foul, according to a report in the Vet Record Feb 7, 1998, by Philip Boyer and Geoff Singleton, Crewkerne, Somerset.

These two herds had also suffered digital dermatitis which was treated before super-foul cases were seen. Different cows in each of these herds also developed a single sore ulcer on the front of the udder which had a foul odour and gross appearance not unlike super-foul.

Although bacteriology has failed to confirm that the ulcers are caused by the same bugs, the infections occur at the same time as super-foul infections and produce a similar smell, says Mr Boyer.

Mr Boyer says that the ulcers have not to date occurred on cows suffering super-foul, however bugs could have spread from cow-to-cow in slurry and contaminated foot-baths. Although both farms cited in the report have good hygiene, he advises limiting spreading of the bug by cleaning yards well, keeping cow beds clean, and cleaning out foot-baths effectively. &#42

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