Ulster promotion

29 May 1998

Ulster promotion

and helping face the future

FARM (the Farming And Retailing Movement) was among the organisations featured in the Department of Agricultural for Northern Ireland exhibition.

Local food for local people is the slogan adopted by FARM which was launched in January this year and is a forum for pick your own fruit and vegetable enterprises, farm shops and speciality food producers.

Family Farm Development was also featured in the DANI exhibition. Funded by the EU and DANI, it is a partnership between the UFU, the Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers Association, the Ulster Agricultural Organisation Society, Rural Development Council for NI and DANIs Agriculture Development Service.

Its role is to help farmers face the future. Its field officers work with all the family – not just the farmer – to help them to examine their situations, to consider what they want out of life and to come to their own decisions without any pressure. Succession, training and opportunities for diversification are among the issues most often discussed. Field officers also help families find the information they need and direct them to sources of help.

Field officer Marie Hunter from North Antrim did not expect to meet many client families at the show but hoped to make more people aware of the help that is available through FFD. Inquiries (016627-61719).

Marie Hunter: Farm families make their own decisions but help and information is availiable.

FARM chairman Robert Allen (left) from The Market Garden, Ballymoney, Co Antrim and Maurice Patton who has a farm shop at Newtownards, Co Down.

Arena events included twice daily performances

by Chariots of Fire featuring ponies and a cow.

Above: Amanda Saville drives a team of three ponies (unicorn) over a jump. Left: A carriage-driving bending test around burning poles.

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