Uniformity the key to success of Stabiliser

3 August 2001

Uniformity the key to success of Stabiliser

THE Stabiliser was first brought to the UK by members of the Beef Improvement Group, who own about 2500 commercial sucklers.

"The BIG became involved primarily for its members own use because we could not see where we were going to find a sustainable source of replacement females in the UK," says technical director Richard Fuller.

"Even within the progeny of a cross of two beef breeds there is such a wide variation in type. Uniformity in terms of economical performance is something the Stabiliser has achieved and is undoubtedly the key to its success.

"Long-term research by the world-renowned Clay Centre in Nebraska, which has 7000 cows of 25 breeds, has identified it as the most productive cow of any breed in the US."

The Stabiliser breeding programme in the UK will be subjected to BLUP recording by Signet, while Bristol University plans to begin an evaluation of the eating quality of Stabiliser beef this autumn. &#42

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