Unions urge producers to co-operate

30 November 2001

Unions urge producers to co-operate

BOTH Welsh farming unions will use the fair as an opportunity for their leaders to talk to members at the end of one of the blackest years for Welsh agriculture.

Peredur Hughes, the incoming president of NFU Cymru, says his priority is to get farming back into profit, and he will urge producers to co-operate more to have the strength to deal with supermarkets, and to add value to what they produce.

"Our cost structure means we cannot compete on price with producers in places like South America, but we certainly can on quality and animal welfare. Farmers are naturally reluctant to change, but as support is switched from production we will have to use all our assets better to stay in business."

Bob Parry, president of the Farmers Union of Wales will also argue that working together is the only way to rebuild the shattered Welsh industry.

"Co-operation involving everyone involved in the Welsh food industry will raise the profile of our high quality produce. It is the key to unlocking a bright future for our traditional family farms."

Peredur Hughes, NFUCymru president.

Judge Tom Davies: looking for a high yield of good quality meat.

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