Unit keeps battery up to the mark

18 June 1999


Solid shortcomings

A SIGNIFICANT shortcoming of pest and vermin control systems which employ ultrasonics alone, is an inability to penetrate solid surfaces, insists Martley Elec-tronics.

The company maintains it has overcome the problem in its Pestcontro 2000 system which combines ultrasonics with an irregular pulsating magnetic field.

The former bombards an area up to 5000squ ft, the latter is, effectively, passed down the electric wiring of the building and causes pests and vermin to leave their nests. Designed for farm and domestic buildings, the system plugs into a 13 amp socket and is stated to be safe with cats, dogs and farm animals. Price £59.95 (01905-621313).

Five ways a cutter

A HEDGETRIMMER, cultivator, pruner and lawn edger are among the tools available on Echos latest TaskMaster SRM2100SB brush cutter from Countax. The five attachments are fitted through a split shaft design and driven by a 21cc two-stroke engine.

The silica aluminium engine has a hemispherical combustion chamber claimed to offer fuel economy and increased power, while a case hardened crank shaft with double counter balancing is designed to provide smooth operation and long life. Price £297 (01844-278800).

Facemask filter fits onto cap

PEOPLE prone to allergies from pollen and pollutants now have the option of a cap and facemask filter from safety suppliers Bradwest.

Known as the Aircap, the device uses a battery-driven turbo fan to blow clean filtered and cooling air across the face breathing zones.

The Aircap, which resembles a fashionable baseball cap works by drawing polluted ambient air through a filter designed to draw 99% of all particles greater than one micron in size. Price is £87 (01628-660908).

Michelin launches the biggest ag tyre

AS machines get larger and heavier, so do their footprints, a problem Michelin aims to alleviate with its 1050/50 R 32 Megaxbib – described as the largest agricultural tyre in the world.

Designed primarily for use on harvesters, spreading machines and tractors, the tyre can carry more than 11t in certain conditions and is able to operate at low pressure.

A rounded shoulder reduces damage to grassland, while a flat crown ensures uniform distribution of ground pressure.

Tests have shown when working with 10,000kg loads the Megaxbib leaves a 14cm deep rut, compared to a conventional 73×44.00-32 tyres 23.5cm on the same soil. Price about £2400/tyre (01923-415101).

Solvent enzymes break down grease

TRADITIONAL caustic solvents clean parts but can dry, crack and discolour – a point not lost on Rozone, which recirculates a fluid containing enzymes in its Smartwasher parts cleaner.

The fluid lifts grime from the part – cleaned in an upper sink unit with a hollow brush or nozzle attachment – while the microbial action of the enzymes break down grease and oil from the solution, leaving clean degreaser to be recirculated through the system, says Rozone.

Power comes from a 240V or 110V supply and the unit is fitted with an electronic control panel, incorporating a fluid replenishment indicator.

Price of base unit plus standards sink £995 (01215-263131).

Bunded compound stops contaminants

STORING waste in drums is not with out its problems – particularly if there is a hint of a leak, which is why fuel and lubricant manufacturer Lubrizol has developed a bunded drum storage compound.

Comprising three prefabricated steel modules laid out in horseshoe configuration, the Empteezy drum compound has a central roof and double sliding doors.

The compounds are available in six standard configurations, giving two or three-high storage in racked bays for 64-240 drums, while sumps with removable grid mesh flooring are located beneath the racking to safely collect leaks and spillage. (01506-430309).

Unit keeps battery up to the mark

THE battery can be one of the first components to deteriorate when a vehicle is taken off the road for long periods, especially if it is fitted with an electronic alarm.

CR Developments maintains it has overcome the problem with its Battery Master, which is designed to maintain the battery in a full state of charge and enable the alarm to be kept activated over an extended period.

Connection to the vehicle is by plug and socket. Input requirement is 230V AC with the output current of 12V limited to the chargers rating of 3.5 amps.

Price £35.95 (10702-469055).

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