Unite to see off fertiliser tariff NFU

25 June 2001

Unite to see off fertiliser tariff — NFU

By FWi staff

EUROPEAN farmers must unite to defeat a proposal from Brussels which could block sources of cheap fertiliser, urges the National Farmers Union.

The European Commission has provisionally accepted to proposals impose anti-dumping tariffs on urea from Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and Libya.

But the measures will not receive final approval for several more months, giving opponents an opportunity to co-ordinate lobbying against the plan.

The NFU has written to European farmers organisation the Committee of Agricultural Organisations in the EU (COPA) and unions urging joint action.

NFU Director General Richard Macdonald has stressed the importance of a united front to COPA secretary general Risto Volanen.

“It is vital that all European farmers organisations mount a
concerted campaign against these tariffs,” wrote Mr Macdonald.

“In these times of mounting costs and falling prices, the imposition of
these duties is neither justified nor in the best interests of our industry.”

COPA has already backed the NFU action and wrote to the EU asking for the impact on farmers as a result to be fully considered.


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