Unused suckler quota threat

19 June 1998

Unused suckler quota threat

SUCKLER cow producers with more than seven units of quota must use at least 90% of it this season, either by claiming premium or leasing it out. Otherwise unused quota will be withdrawn without compensation, warns the ministry.

Claims can be made from July 1. However, the trading period starts this week (June 24 in Northern Ireland), and ends on Dec 6.

Producers acquiring quota must ensure notification forms arrive at a regional service centre on or before the day the suckler cow premium claim is lodged.

This years premium is worth £112.41 a head, with extra cash for hnill farms and extensification.

additional HLCA rates of £23.75 or £47.50 a head for severely disadvantaged and disadvantaged areas respectively. Extra payments for extensive systems are worth £27.93 a head for 1-1.4 livestock units/ha, rising to £40.34 for less than 1LSU/ha.

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