Up to average wheat yields

29 August 2001

Up to average wheat yields

EAST YORKSHIRE farmer Richard Harrison says that wheat could be finished by the weekend on the farm at Kilham near Driffield.

“First wheat Consort has yielded between 4-4.5t/acre (10-11t/ha), with a bushel between 76-80Kg/hl. This is about average.” Protein is 10.5% and Hagberg is between 150-200. This makes biscuit standard First wheat Claire has yielded up to 11t/ha (4.5t/acre)

“We started wheat two weeks ago. Despite rains there has been no noticeable sprouting. But our second wheat has not broken any records.” They have combined 160ha (400 acres) out of 400ha (1000 acres) on the chalk Wold soil.

Pearl winter barley was more varied. It yielded between 5-7.5t/ha (2-3t/acre), although it made malting standard with 1.6% nitrogen.

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