US GM experience

21 January 2000

US GM experience

A GROUP of American farmers will be visiting the UK next month to talk about their experience of the introduction of genetically modified crops in the USA.

One of the group, John Kinsman, vice-president of the National Family Farming Coalition, who farms in Wisconsin says: "American farmers really brought in GM agriculture and produce about three-quarters of the worlds GM crops. But they are faced with big problems. Over the past three years our overseas GM market has collapsed, safety tests have been questioned and public rejection has peaked.

"I believe UK farmers would do well to hear about the problems we have had with this technology, before they make the same mistakes."

The Greenpeace-sponsored tour will hold meetings at Norwich City Football Club the Stakis Dundee Hotel, Dundee and The Lawn, Lincoln.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail reported this week that the US government had passed regulations to limit the use of a corn variety that has been modified to produce an insecticide. In an attempt to reduce the chance of resistance to the insecticide occurring in the target pest the new rules state that at least 20% of a growers corn crops must be non-GM. &#42

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