Veal producer may back off in case against MAFF

19 August 1997

Veal producer may back off in case against MAFF

By FWi staff

THE West Country farmer who planned to take the Government to court because it refused to pay BSE compensation to veal producers, is now re-considering.

Last week, the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food announced that veal producers would finally be offered compensation to ease the losses they suffered due to the BSE crisis.

The West Country farmer – who had the backing of the National Farmers Union – had started a legal challenge against MAFF, claiming unfair treatment. He was determined to take his case to the European Court.

But a spokeswoman for the NFU said the farmer was now re-considering his position following the Governments change of heart.

The MAFF announcement means veal producers can expect to receive payments of £36 per calf. Aid will be available to producers with animals on-farm prior to March 20, 1996, and slaughtered for human consumption between that date and November 9, 1996.

Another condition is that the animals must be less than 12 months old and the carcass weight of each animal must be between 80 and 160kg. The short-term scheme will run until September 15.

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