Vegetarian dies of CJD

23 April 1998

Vegetarian dies of CJD

A WOMAN who had been vegetarian for the past 12 years has died from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,
the human form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Clare Tomkins, 25, from Tonbridge, Kent, was diagnosed last August.

Her diagnosis triggered fears that the incubation period could be longer than
previously believed because the first clinical case of BSE was recorded in
cattle in 1986 – a year after she stopped eating meat. However, it is thought
cattle incubating the disease may have entered the food chain before then.

The case received massive publicity last month when Miss Tomkinss father, Roger, told the BSE inquiry in London of the “hell” his daughter had gone through. She is thought to be the 24th victim to die from the disease.

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