Verifier vitriol makes blood boil

VERIFIER VITRIOL has made farmers‘ blood boil, according to the latest results of FWi‘s new Red Tape Rage board .

Nit-picking assurance scheme verifiers and protocols have so far been voted most responsible for the creeping tide of red tape threatening to overwhelm farmers.

The new interactive board, part of FARMERS WEEKLY‘s War on Red Tape campaign, gives farmers the chance to vote for how much ten bits of red tape madness frustrate them.

Assurance schemes stand head and shoulders in the lead, so far, with the highest score for ‘blood boilability‘.

But the results suggest farmers are less decided over what should come next.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, Health and Safety and the dreaded June census from DEFRA vie for second place.

But tax, it seems, is not as taxing as other forms of paperwork, with Value Added Tax and payroll bringing farmers little more than a mild irritation.

And, despite being one of the most popular subjects to bemoan on FWi‘s Talking Point , IACS has a reward that is worth the headaches, according to the Rage Board results.

•  Do verifiers make your blood boil, or is it the HSE inspector that gets your goat?  Vote now in the FWi Red Tape Rage board .

Or you can vote by visiting the FARMERS WEEKLY stand at Cereals 2004, where the overall winner will be announced.

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