Versatile Astronaut

1 October 1999

Versatile Astronaut

LELYS robotic milking system – the Astronaut – has received some technical enhancements which, the company claims, will help to maintain its position as the number one manufacturer of such systems.

Perhaps the most important change is to offer the unit in both left and right-hand installations – a move which allows different building layouts to be more easily accommodated. Lely is also using stainless steel throughout the milking stall.

Specification now also includes a system which takes and separates the fore-milk from each quarter prior to milking and a cleaning system to wash the teat cups after every milking.

Other changes relate to the vacuum system which is now comprises a vacuum sensor, electronic regulator and a smaller vacuum pump, all of which is claimed to result in a precise, stable vacuum being maintained.

A redesigned cleaning tank to improve cleaning action and shorten the cleaning cycle has been introduced, as has a system which cleans the teat cup positioning laser optic screen on the main support arm.

And finally, Lely reports that it has introduced a range of silicone teat cup liners which, it says, provide an increased working life.

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