Versatile bale chopper

7 August 1998

Versatile bale chopper

By Andy Collings

Kverneland has launched a bale chopper capable of spreading and feeding straw, hay and silage in both round bale and square bale formats. The unit can also be used to feed clamp silage.

A trailed machine, the KID 832 comprises a hydraulically raised and lowered rear door used to load the bale, hydraulically driven floor slats, two shredding drums and a flywheel equipped with six blowing paddles.

In operation, the unit is loaded either by reversing up to a bale with the rear door lowered and lifting it into the main chamber – a second round bale can be held by the door in a semi-raised position – or directly by a mechanical loader. Strings or net wraps are removed prior to loading.

The floor slats – the speed of which can be adjusted to suit output demands – feed the bale into the shredders with the crop then being passed directly into the flywheel/blower. The shredder drums are fitted as standard with 21 replaceable knife sections with an extra ten available if deemed to be necessary.

When the pto drive is running at 540rpm straw for bedding can be blown via the delivery chute up to a distance of 18m (60ft), says Kverneland. Feed can be direc- ted into troughs or along feed barriers with a pto speed of 350rpm.

The degree of chopping achieved and the discharge rate can be adjusted by raising or lowering the top shredding drum which is also equipped with a scraper mechanism to guide any excess material back into the lower shredding drum. &#42

Kvernelands KD 832 bale shredder is designed to enable bedding and feeding to become a one man operation.

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