Vertical sheets give silo smooth internal surface

2 April 1999

Vertical sheets give silo smooth internal surface

By Ian Marshall

GRAIN silos, built conventionally, usually have a lot of horizontal joints where grain and dust can lodge, providing an ideal environment for store pests.

A new design from Rowland Bros claims to have overcome this problem by constructing the silos from long overlapping vertical sheets, to give a smooth internal surface.

"The design eliminates most of the horizontal joints," says the firms Dylan Rowland.

Fully galvanised, the silos are offered in capacities from 52t-233t with either a 30í heavy-duty pitched roof or open top, and flat or hopper bottoms. Prices range from £1800 to £5000.

The silos can also be fitted with the companys new Freeflow self-emptying drying floor, which empties without the use of sweep augers or the need for an operator to enter the silo.

In contrast to the perforated floors used in conventional air sweep systems, the Freeflow has a series of metal louvres around the floor with channels tapered towards the central sump.

When the grain has been discharged to the angle of repose it falls by gravity into the channels. Air – from a single drying/discharge fan – is then diverted through the louvres and blows the grain to the sump from where it is removed by the unloading auger. &#42

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