Virus restrictions have mixed results

18 September 2001

Virus restrictions have mixed results

By FWi staff

FOOT-and-mouth restrictions have been lifted in North Yorkshire and north-west England but Northumberland continues to give cause for concern.

Government officials have lifted the Thirsk Biosecurity Infection blue box Area, ending restrictions on 1,561 farms in North Yorkshire.

They have also lifted the Northern England Infection area, ending restrictions for a further 5,429 farms in and around Lancashire.

The restrictions had affected farms in Cheshire, Blackburn, Darwen, Bolton Bury, Salford, St Helens, Trafford, Warrington and Wigan.

Food and Farming minister Lord Whitty said: This means that farmers will have more options to move livestock under the autumn movement restrictions.

Lord Whitty said he was particularly pleased at the success of the Thirsk area. Blood tests suggested no significant level of undisclosed disease, he added.

I am glad our campaign against foot-and-mouth is continuing to bring relief to Britains farming industry.

But developments did not mean that people in Thirsk or other infected zones “should let their guard down, said Lord Whitty.

Officials said one more case of foot-and-mouth has been confirmed in the Allendale blue box area of Northumberland, taking the total to 26.

Livestock including 103 cattle, 33 ewes and 458 lambs have been slaughtered at Black Hall Farm, Steel, Hexham.

It is thought that at least a further 100 cattle and 850 sheep will be slaughtered as a result of possible dangerous contacts involving up to four other farms.

Divisionary veterinary manager Arthur Griffiths said the outbreak was within three kilometres of three previous infected premises.

Colleagues are still checking other livestock nearby so it is impossible to give a complete total of all dangerous contact animals until they have finished.”


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