Wait for weed chit or plough?

19 September 2001

Wait for weed chit or plough?

I have not achieved much of a weed chit yet due to very dry, heavy soil. Do I wait or plough in the high grass seed count from the last crop?

If we assume we are looking at a block of wheat on heavyish land to be drilled between now and the end of the month, there is likely to be little benefit from a stale seedbed at this stage so go ahead and plough.

I have always maintained that the benefits of min-till are associated with high speed early establishment, which commences with a stale seedbed the moment the combine has left the field.

Once we get to this stage you can probably do some and some, depending on how late you anticipate drilling.

Once you get to mid-October, depending on conditions, the plough is likely to dominate.

From:Alastair Leake

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