Walston right?

19 February 1999

Walston right?

AN internet poll has revealed that 48% of farmers disagree with Oliver Walstons views on the future of farm subsidies, but 41% believe he is right and that farmers should receive subsidies for only another five years.

The remaining 11% in the agriCentre poll were undecided.

A spokesman for agriCentre said the internet site had just over 2000 registered members. It was, however, impossible to say how many had voted in the poll.

Cambs farmer Mr Walston welcomed the result, nonetheless. "I think that the agriCentre poll shows that the correspondence columns do not give an accurate picture of British farmers views.

"They are written by ostriches who, raising their heads from the sand, find they do not like what they see," he said.

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