27 July 2001


COULD you be the family these children need? Berwick and Sheldon are very close and need an adoptive or long-term foster family who can look after them both. They will thrive in a warm, affectionate home and Sheldon says he would love to live on a farm.

Berwick, who is almost 10, and Sheldon, eight, have always lived together despite many changes in their lives.

The childrens new carers will need to give each of them a sense that they are loved, and help each build their self-esteem. New carers should also be patient, confident and firm, and Parents for Children would particularly like to hear from people who have brought up their own children and who are experienced in looking after children.

Berwick and Sheldon have a younger brother and sister who will be placed in a separate family. They need carers who will help them keep in contact in the years to come.

If you would like to hear more, please contact: Guy Larrington, Parents for Children, 41 Southgate Road, London N1 3JP. Tel: 020 7359 7530.

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