Warning given over Windows

1 October 1999

Warning given over Windows

MOVING to Windows operating systems for farm computer programs – an increasingly common move – can have drawbacks as well as benefits.

Thats the warning from Hylton Nomiss Mark Woodall. The company plans to offer customers using its accounts package, a Windows based option soon.

He said that Microsoft has done a superb job of telling everyone that they need a mouse, but there are drawbacks in terms of the hardware required compared with a DOS version of a program.

"Windows needs a high memory capacity, so in nine out of 10 cases producers will have to upgrade their computer."

He also believes Windows is more forgiving of programming errors, which can make it more difficult to use. This and use of a mouse can make data entry more difficult or slower.

But Windows does allow producers to create good management reports and investigate figures more easily. That information may be valuable, particularly in complicated businesses, he said.

&#8226 Agrisoft also announced the launch of a Windows-based version of its dairy management programme Uniform at the EDFE.

This is said to have all the features and benefits of the DOS version, but is easier to use. It will be free to all users with a support contract and training will be offered.

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