Waste plastic recycled

12 March 1999

Waste plastic recycled

FARMERS in the Lake District have solved the problem of getting rid of waste plastic.

Following a request from one of its tenants, North West Water has helped farmers in the Haweswater area form a co-operative to recycle silage wrap.

A factory across the Scottish border, in Dumfries, recycles the plastic to produce dustbin bags, carrier bags and litter bins.

A handful of the 30 farms involved have been designated as central points to which others can take their waste for collection every month. Each farmer pays about £10 a time for the service.

The scheme has been hailed a great success by all members. And according to Alexandra Wood, tenant liaison officer for North West Water, it could easily be implemented elsewhere.

"We have proved that it can be done here, so there is no reason why it could not be done countywide," she said.

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