Weather and low crop prices limit fertiliser sales

By Mike Stickland

THE weather, particularly in the west, has limited fertiliser demand; while in the east, weak crop prices are having the same effect. The trade is certainly less busy than one would expect for the beginning of March.

Some merchants are forecasting a15%-plus fall in the market, while there are a few who think that there are a lot of sales still to come. The one bright spot has been prilled urea, and in many areas sales volumes are well up, as farmers take advantage of the lowest possible price per unit of N.

There is still a persistent demand for PK fertilisers, and blenders are finding some difficulties in maintaining supply of triple superphosphate mixes when the main market is for mono-ammonium phosphate and di-ammonium phosphate blends.

Prices have changed very little over the month, although manufacturers and importers are continually trying to push them up. There is insufficient demand in the market to make prices move.

Cargoes of imported nitrogen are becoming much more difficult and a little dearer to source, but this perception has not had any impact on the farm. A week of fine dry weather will certainly make a big difference.

Fertiliser prices, February 1999 (£/t)

Region Domestic ANImported ANUrea Prills blend10.10.10 compound20.10.10
South East95-9778-82NM107-109114-116
South West94-9678-8395-98106-110110-115
East Anglia95-9776-8289-94102-109112-115
North East93-9777-8389-93102-108113-116
North West95-9878-84NM108-111114-116

  • Source: Britannia Fertiliser Brokers and Consultants

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