Weed book launch

28 June 2002

Weed book launch

DEFRA has reinforced its commitment to the Weeds Act 1959 with the launch of two booklets.

The act, which covers spear thistle, creeping thistle, curled dock, broad leaved dock and common ragwort, contains powers under which the Secretary of State can serve a notice on an occupier of land where any of the five weeds are growing.

Land occupiers who are served notice under the act are required to take action to prevent weeds spreading. If a notice is not complied with, occupiers of land may be liable to prosecution, or the Secretary of State can arrange to have the weeds cleared and then recover the cost of doing so.

Guidance contained in the leaflets includes specific advice on controlling all of the weeds listed and how to report the weed species to DEFRA (08459-335577). &#42

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