Weekend respite allows some spud lifting

By FWi staff

THE weekend weather allowed for some lifting progress, only to be hampered by heavy rainfall last night and today with prospects for the week looking bleak.

“More crops than ever will have to take their chances with the weather this winter,” said the BPCs Rob Burrow.

“Fortunately they have had a good start with day time temperatures averaging about 5°C for late November.”

“But concerns over keeping in the ground are increasing, with conditions unlikely to improve before the spring.”

Prices continue move upward for quality and lower grade material with the BPC weekly GB ex-farm average price gaining 7.38 to 113.6/t. This compared with 59.80/t last year.

In East Anglia and Lincolnshire bulk whites are fetching 120-200/t up to 250/t for best Edward.

Reds are worth 120-220/t up to 280/t for 50mm+ samples.

Bags are mostly 130-160/t up to 175/t for best Edward and Maris Piper.

Prices in the south and Wales are 140-160/t for bulk whites up to 190/t for best Maris Piper.

Bagged whites are mostly 100-120/t, reds 100-150/t.

In the Midlands bulk whites are fetching 120-170/t up to 220/t for best Estima and Edward.

Reds are averaging 140-180/t, grade 2 samples 80-120/t. Bags are worth 80-100/t.

Bulk whites in the north remain unchanged on the week averaging 70-100/t, up to 160/t for high baker content samples. Bags are averaging 80-100/t.

Prices in Scotland also remain unchanged at 90-120/t for bulk whites and bagged whites averaging 50-100/t.

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