7 September 2001


BEEF 2001 promises to be an interesting event for any beef producer attending, with a full timetable of forums and technical seminars.

Organised by the National Beef Association, in association with the Royal Smithfield Club, the event will have five focus areas. Each will offer producers access to industry experts, demonstrations and technical seminars.

There will also be six forums on key topics for the industry and planning a future beyond foot-and-mouth, held in the Garner Lecture Theatre, located in the centre of the event. In addition, there will be more than 100 trade exhibitors.

Understandably, many producers will be nervous about attending one of the few technical events to be held this year, with regard to foot-and-mouth. However, vehicles will be disinfected on arrival and all visitors are asked to take their own biosecurity precautions before coming to the event and on returning home.

For those able to attend, it will be wise to plan a personal timetable to ensure nothing relevant is missed, on this busy day.

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