Welsh heroine pulls em in, not keeps em out…

24 October 1997

Welsh heroine pulls em in, not keeps em out…

IN Jemimah Nicholass bicentenary year her role has been reversed.

Armed only with a pitchfork, country girl Jemimah repelled the last invasion of Britain in 1797 by capturing a dozen French soldiers who came ashore in Pembrokshire. But this autumn the actress who has played the part of Jemimah during the anniversary celebrations helped invite people from far and wide to come to Wales for their holidays.

Pembrokeshire Farm Holiday Group* is reminding all who visited the area in recent years of the warm welcome that waits for them in their farmhouses and cottages by sending out packs of daffodil bulbs. These were grown at the countys famous Victorian resort of Tenby. "Jemimah" and her fellow countrywomen turned out in force to help speed the gifts "from the Land of Magic and Enchantment" on their way across Britain and beyond its shores.

"Pembrokeshire is renowned world wide as a county full of flowers," says Andrew Gow, chairman of the Pembrokeshire Farm Holiday Group. "In spring, summer and autumn the hedgerows are ablaze with blooms and it is a fact that in all but the coldest of Januaries as many as 50 different species of flower have been recorded in bloom. Against this back-cloth we thought it particularly fitting to launch our campaign by giving would-be guests some daffodil bulbs so that every spring they would be reminded of Wales and, in particular, the floral county of Pembrokshire.

"Pembrokeshire is particularly popular with Dutch visitors so quite a few of the bulbs will find their way to Holland," he added, "but I am sure a Tenby-grown daffodil will more than hold its own there."

&#8226 Inquiries Mrs Vivienne Lockton (01994-419327).

The Pembrokeshire Farm Holiday group has roped in Welsh heroine Jemimah Nicholas and friends to lead an assault on the travel market.

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