Welsh mad as hell with NFU

06 November 1998

Welsh ‘mad as hell’ with NFU

By FWi staff and FW reporters

WELSH farmers are furious that the National Farmers Union has refused to back their plans for a mass lobby of MPs in London next month.

The lobby – which was originally described as a mass march – was initiated by the mainly-Welsh group Farmers in Crisis.

But the NFU refused to give its backing, saying that the lobby could jeopardise negotiations over the aid package for farmers being discussed by the Government.

Rees Parry, one of the organisers, said the unions refusal to help had made Welsh farmers “mad as hell with the NFU”.

Farmers will be asking for fair farmgate prices and fair terms of trade rather than handouts, he said.

Another organiser, David Sadler, said the lobby would go ahead despite NFU opposition because “Government needs to appreciate that the NFU is not doing what small livestock farmers need.”

Mr Sadler accused the NFU of failing farmers at a time of need.

“The NFU is stalling until were too financially exhausted to offer any further resistance,” Mr Sadler said.

The Countryside Alliance, which has backed the lobby, said that its members wishing to attend should make an appointment with their MP and arrange their own transport.

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